Erasmus+ - Projekt: Treffen in Brüssel

Das aktuelle Projekt führte uns mit unseren estnischen Partnerschülern in der Woche vor den Winterferien nach Brüssel. Auf dem Programm standen viele Gespräche und Besuche rund um das Europäische Parlament.

Ein paar Stimmen:

Kim Schulte: To me Europe means diversity, freedom and opportunities. We’re given the chance to travel in Europe without borders, study and live everywhere in Europe. This shouldn't be taken as a matter of course. The visit at the EU Parliament has shown me the importance of voting and the diversity of people and different opinions. It‘s also important that European citizens are aware of their choices, options and how their voice can make a difference. The European Parliament is put together by politicans who are elected by us and represent our interests. 

Due to this study trip to Bruxelles I became aware of the special meaning of the EU. I’m thankful for Erasmus to give me the chance to be part of this programm.

Lars Rudolph: Europe opens millions of new opportunities for everyone of us. Studying and working in foreign countries gives us entirely new chances of launching a career on every single point of the European map. Thanks to Erasmus, every European citizen has the possibility to feel free where and what to study and no one of us should decline to think about using these opportunities. 

Marlen Butsch: The values of the European Union are more important than ever and Erasmus gave us the opportunity to be as close as possible to its work. For me it has become a wish to show others how important the EU is and how much it effects all of our lives. Freedom and opportunity are only two of many other very important aspects that I’m glad to own as a young citizen in the EU which offers me the chance to travel without borders,to study wherever I want to and to profit from all its good benefits.

Jana Hohlweg: Durch diese Reise habe ich erst wirklich verstanden, wie wichtig die EU für mich persönlich und besonders für ganz Europa ist. Durch die EU stehen uns so viele Möglichkeiten offen, welche wir alle mehr wertschätzen sollten. Diese Reise war für mich eine tolle Erfahrung und ich hoffe, dass noch viele Schüler nach mir die Chance dazu haben werden. 


Jannik Vögeli: The Erasmus + Programm was an interesting experience for me. I met new people for example from Estonia. 

It was very interesting to learn something about the parliament and about job perspectives in European countries.

Sophie Erbach: In Brussels I realized what the EU really means to me and how important the relationship between our countries is. 

Nowhere else you can have the chance to study and travel that easily in every country around yours. Our visit at the European Parlament underlined my positive sight of the EU in terms of politics but also of my personal life.